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Transfer Your Video Tapes To DVD

“What should we do with all of our old family video tapes?”
Transfer them to DVD (or maybe to digital MP4s)!

For as low as $19.95!

Do you have video tapes with your family home movies just gathering dust on the shelf because your VHS player or camcorder broke and became obsolete?

VHS Video Transfer in RaleighWhether you live in the Raleigh area or elsewhere, let Carolina Custom Video transfer your precious video from your tape to video DVD so that you can watch them anytime you want, on either your stand-alone DVD-R compatible DVD player or DVD-ROM drive equipped computer. VHS video tapes will deteriorate over time, even when they’re NOT being played; having Carolina Custom Video transfer that footage to DVD will allow you to preserve it in the best possible quality in a long lasting DVD format.

We can do video transfer and duplicate any combination of 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, and/or Mini-DV video tapes, DVD/mini-DVD formats to long lasting full size DVD format.

And if you’ve bought one of those new “record direct to hard drive” camcorders, and now aren’t sure how to get that footage out of the camera, we can put that on DVD for you as well.

Have lots of short videos that you’d like to consolidate onto a single DVD? We can do that, too. A DVD can hold up to 2 hours of video, and each of your video tapes will have its own named chapter stop on the main DVD menu.

Need it now?

Because we’re locally based in the Raleigh area, we offer fast turnaround – usually within 24 hours.

Need it affordable?

We offer competitive pricing on single and bulk duplication. Pricing starts as low as $19.95 and we offer discounts on larger orders.

Need it to last?

The DVD disc is rated to last up to 100 years.

For VHS duplication, we use only Super High Grade tapes.

Need to send it Overseas?

We can convert VHS video tapes from any foreign format (PAL, SECAM or MESECAM) to US format (NTSC). We can also convert US format to foreign format.

Need to convert it to distribute on CD or DVD?

We can convert video to high quality MPEG-4, DivX, QuickTime, DVD and more!

Need it edited?

See our You’re the Director page.

Need it Fixed?

We offer VHS video tape repair.

So please call us for an estimate at 919-319-6888. Whether you need to transfer one home movie tape to video dvd or one hundred, let Raleigh area based Carolina Custom Video transfer your collection of family video tapes into something that you can watch again and again.

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