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Carolina Custom Video offers Videotape Repair

One of the most satisfying aspects of working at Carolina Custom Video is videotape repair, needing to repair a tape that someone would otherwise just have to throw away, and be able to get it to play again. I always feel a bit like Dr. Frankenstein, bringing his creation back to life, when a customer gives me a tape that won’t play. I take it completely apart, put it back together, try it out, and it WORKS! Especially when it is an ancient family tape from Christmas morning, or a family wedding, a birthday, or a favorite vacation, that a customer would never get to see again otherwise.

video tape repair

Kiddies, please do NOT try this at home. If you open tapes the wrong way, all the itty bitty parts and springs tend to fly everywhere, never to be properly put back together again, assuming they can even be found. Please leave the tape repairs to the professionals, i.e. US!

tape repair - frankenstein

If you already HAVE taken it apart, only to find said parts and springs have flown everywhere, all is NOT lost, bring what you can find to us here at Carolina Custom Video. We’ll do our best to put your tape into a new case and once it’s playing again, transfer it safely over to DVD so you don’t risk losing your precious family footage.

So if you have a tape that is jammed or needs to be spliced, or a case that is broken and needs to be replaced, please bring it to Carolina Custom Video as soon as possible and we’ll try our best to make like Dr. Frankenstein and bring your creation back to life with our in-house (yes, we handle your tapes safely right here on site) videotape repair.

Please call us for more information!

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