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8mm And 16mm Film To DVD Transfer

Looking for the Best Film to DVD Transfer and Film to Digital Transfer in the Raleigh area?

Carolina Custom Video, located in the Raleigh area, uses a professional telecine unit that scans every frame of film individually into our digital editing system when transferring your film to DVD, and now transferring your film in high definition to MP4 and Blu-ray, too. Our unit takes a still image of EVERY FRAME OF EVERY REEL of film you bring in.

This film transfer method allows us to:

  • adjust color balance on every frame;
  • adjust lighting levels on every frame;
  • totally eliminate flicker!

The result?

Your film transfer is 100% flicker free, crystal clear and razor sharp from corner to corner!

This means we process your footage at the highest quality and can then output your video of family memories to DVD, to Blu-ray or to your hard drive. In fact, every DVD and Blu-ray includes individual chapter stops for every reel. That means you can jump right to the reel you want with one click! All 8mm film and Super 8mm film transfer is done right here on premise by our trained staff. If you have 16mm film, we can help you with that as well, please call for details. To help you estimate the amount of film you have, we offer the following guide:

  • 3″ diameter reels generally hold 50 feet of film.
  • 5″ diameter reels generally hold 200 feet of film.
  • 7″ diameter reels generally hold 400 feet of film.

If you have reels of film, but don’t know in what order you want them, or if you want to create a highlights video, please see our You’re The Director page. Since we digitize your film, anything is possible! Call us today! 919-319-6888 Consultations and estimates are free.


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