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Sláinte! ‘Tis a St. Patrick’s Day Duplication Special from Carolina Custom Video!

March Duplication Special

For the entire month of March, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Carolina Custom Video is bringing you this limited time special duplication offer:

Just bring in any order (film transfer to DVD, videotape transfer to DVD, CD or DVD duplication, etc.) that totals $50 or more, and Carolina Custom Video will duplicate and give you an extra copy of your order at no charge!

Duplication SpecialFor example, bring in an 8mm film to DVD transfer, that results in just 2 full length DVDs, get an extra copy of both those DVDs at no charge! Or, have several full VHS tapes lying around the house that you’ve been meaning to have transferred to DVD, but have just never gotten around to it? Now would be a great time to have those done! Just bring in your tapes and we’ll transfer those to DVDs. With just two or more full length VHS tapes (or several shorter ones), you could qualify for our promotion and get a complete extra set of DVD copies at no charge.

In both of these cases, this amounts to a savings of at least $59.90 (or MORE!) on the extra set of copies!

In addition to the savings, you’ll also have created an extra set of DVDs that you can archive, and have a little more peace of mind that you have a backup set of DVD’s on hand in case Spot uses one for a chew toy, or Little Junior covers the original with peanut butter and jelly, or have the extra set to share with that favorite family member.

A little more peace of mind, and at no charge? If it sounds like a great deal, that’s because it is!

So bring your precious family footage to Carolina Custom Video anytime during the month of March and take advantage of this great St. Patrick’s Day special!

And remember: “Erin Go Bragh!”


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