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Transfer VHS to Digital

You want the highest quality transfer – at a reasonable price. It starts with using quality equipment and knowledgeable personnel. Sometimes the first available deck is not the one that will give the best playback. That takes knowledge and patience. We time out every tape before it is transferred, which takes extra time, but makes for a cleaner transfer and often helps us catch and avoid you paying for the transfer of old “Columbo” reruns.

Why transfer to digital, rather than DVD?
While DVD is technically digital, it is locked onto the DVD disc. There is ripping software that will enable you to pull the digital files from the DVD, but that software is becoming hard to find and more expensive.

Truly digital transfer of your VHS to an MP4 file has many advantages:

  • It’s instantly accessible – just plug a flash drive into your computer or a smart TV and the video is ready to watch
  • It’s flexible – no more complicated menus to navigate. If you know your child’s first birthday starts at 22 minutes and 2 seconds, you can go right to it. No waiting!
  • It’s shareable – just copy the file to another flash drive, or, even faster, upload the video to the cloud. You can share a video with family or friends anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes. For directions on how to use popular sharing services, go here.

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