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Since 1999, Carolina Custom Video has built a solid reputation as a professional legal video specialist. We use only Certified Legal Videographers who are professionally trained and knowledgeable of local procedural guidelines. We have 3 Certified Legal Videographers on staff. You never have a second chance to capture the moment. The nuance, the emotion, or even the sarcasm of a statement by a deponent can only be captured with video. Why take a chance? Our videographers are trained to test their setup before every deposition and record to multiple digital systems simultaneously. At Carolina Custom Video, we use professional grade equipment and multiple lavaliere microphones for clear sound.

Video is compelling, consistent, reliable and persuasive



Copies of the deposition, mock trial, etc. can be output to DVD, CD or VHS tape. We also provide video synchronization. All services are done on site for fast turnaround.

Legal video editing services are also available

We have five digital editing suites to serve your needs. Considering using Trial Presentation software? Call to schedule a demonstration of our free Trial Presentation software. Yes, the demonstration is free and the software (a full version, not a crippled version) is free, too!

Video gives the verbal nuance, the physical emphasis that no transcript can provide. With mountains of information to process and remember, triers of fact can better hear, see and retain crucial testimony when presented by video.






 We are your One Stop Legal Video Resource for:

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Carolina Custom Video can also supply the following:

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  • Day In The Life Videos
  • Settlement Brochures
  • Stills From Video
  • Documentations
  • Digital Enhancement
  • Mock Trial Support

[/list] For your free legal video consultation or estimate, please call Carolina Custom Video today at 919-319-6888.




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