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Family Tribute Video

Family Tribute videos are a wonderful way to preserve the past for your children and grandchildren. Or what a special gift to your parents and grandparents!

Combine the emotional power of a song with the fond memories evoked by photographs or slides of a special place or family member and you have a gift that will be cherished and replayed for years to come.

Do you have old home movies, video clips or trophies/memorabilia (baby’s first shoes, ticket stubs, an heirloom cameo) that you would like to add to your Photo Montage? We can do that, too. You can produce a truly unique family keepsake for generations to come.

All your photographs, slides and memorabilia are carefully captured with our three-chip digital cameras or scanned into our computer to retain the quality of your originals. In fact, with artful cropping and color correction, we can often make the montage image look better than the original!

We use gentle fades from one image to the next, occasionally spiced up with a special transition (although we can do almost anything, we believe in the power of your images. Too many special effects detracts from what is important – your images).

We can add opening and closing titles to your video – giving you a chance to express your hopes and best wishes for your loved one. We can also put titles anywhere in your Family Tribute – between images, or even on images – to identify family members or send a special message.

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