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Introduce yourself and your company to the world with Video!

The past several years has seen an implosion of  traditional advertising media – yellow pages, newspapers,  and TV. At the same time there has been an explosion in the number of new ways to communicate with your prospects: Twitter, Facebook, Webinar, Mobile – the list goes on.

While the new approaches can be effective, no medium communicates on as many levels as video – visual, verbal, non-verbal, sound…

Your next business video production should be the cornerstone of this new approach. Make the video, blog about it, tweet about it, Facebook it… Your Video can get the conversation started!


Want ideas for your next Business Video Production?

Add Video to Your Website!

The advantage of video for your website is that it makes your site “sticky”. With an informative video, you have given your prospect a reason to stay, find the answer to their question and, at the same time, find out more about your company.

Testimonial Video:

The power of a Video Testimonial cannot be overstated. Instead of words on a page, here is one of your best customers talking directly to your prospect, describing in detail the key benefits of doing business with your company.

Video Email Marketing:

Let Carolina Custom Video help you create a new video for your video email campaigns, a highly effective way to reach your audience.

Sales and Presentation Video:

Carolina Custom Video can help you make the perfect presentation – every time!

Orientation Video:

Pre-qualify applicants. Provide new employee orientation.

Safety Video:

Increase employee understanding and awareness. Transmit the same information to every one.

Training Video:

We can help you create thorough, consistent training programs.

Recruitment Video:

You want to showcase your talent in a way that leaves no doubt – you’ve worked for it, you deserve it. Whether it’s the lead role, a college scholarship or the perfect job, video will help you convince the decision maker the search is over – you’re the one.

Live Events and Meetings:

Control travel and lodging expenses for your next business meeting by streaming a video meeting over your corporate network!

Special Interest Video:

Are you an expert in a particular field–one where you are employed teaching groups of people? Have you considered producing a video on a subject you know well and are sure would sell but gave up on the idea because you were certain you couldn’t afford the high costs involved? Contact Carolina Custom Video to help you create the perfect Special Interest Video.

You’re the Director:

Let Carolina Custom Video help you organize and edit your sales, orientation, training, or demonstration footage into a coherent and effective business video!

Corporate Video Duplication:

Need one copy, or a thousand, or something in between? However many copies you need, Carolina Custom Video’s duplication, conversion, and transfer service offers competitive pricing, quality duplication, and a fast turn-around of your business video production.

Corporate Web Design:

Did you know that with a website created by Carolina Custom Video, you can edit your website with just an internet connection and a browser? If you know how to use a text editor, you can edit your website. Let us create your video AND your website for a consistent, cohesive look.

For your next Business Video Production:

Call us today at 919-319-6888 and let Carolina Custom Video help you with your next business video production and introduce yourself and your company to the world!