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Video For Live Events And Meetings

The Scenario: The quarterly sales meeting is in three weeks. Management wants to control costs while keeping key personnel abreast of the latest sales figures and the new product releases. Flights are becoming more expensive, not to mention food and lodging. The real cost is in having the entire sales force down for 3 days. If management takes the show on the road, then they are out of commission for 3 weeks. The Solution: Stream video of the meeting over the corporate network or across the globe to the your team. The remote viewers could even participate by establishing an IM chat session or by e-mailing a moderator at the meeting. The benefits?

  • No downtime
  • Greater efficiency:
    • Vital employees stay informed AND
    • Stay productive
  • Lower cost:
    • Save flight cost
    • Save banquet facility cost
    • Save lodging cost
    • Save meals cost
  • Archived copy for viewing or distribution

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Topic: Live Event Video