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Training Video


  • Video can help you leverage your training dollars.
  • Video can provide consistency in training programs.
  • Video presents your information exactly the way you tailor it – every time it’s shown.

Training Videos Work!

Throraleigh training videough demonstrations, on-site explanations and hands-on examples, training video allows you to cover a subject in greater detail. Employees actually retain far more information from a training video presentation. For the number crunchers out there, here is a spreadsheet you are welcome to use to help in the decision between the cost of live versus video training. All of the numbers in the “Input” column can be changed to fit your situation. As you can see below, it does not take long for the economics to tip in favor of video. Please feel free to download it. Also, if you have any suggested improvements, we will certainly look at incorporating them. Enjoy!


What About Using PowerPoint in Video?

Would you like to add the power of Video to your PowerPoint presentation? Mixing clips of you with your PowerPoint materials can bring the material alive. Now you truly can be in more than one place at one time! Call us today! 919-319-6888 Consultations and estimates are free.


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