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Post covid-19

Rapid Response Program

As an organization you want to start back as close to full speed as possible.

You know what that will take. Do your people?

Today, people prefer to get their information from videos more than any other source. Our Rapid Response Program enables you to take advantage of this powerful communication tool to reconnect with your customers, employees and vendors and reassure them of your commitment to their safety and their needs.

Get Started For Under $100 / video!

Communicate new hours, new policies, new safety procedures, and more – all with the power of video.

NOT the “New Normal”

Do you like the term “new normal”? Personally I think it is inaccurate. It implies we have arrived at a point and will continue in the same manner.

We will not.

We are in a state of flux, of change, and will be for some time. As businesses, we will adapt, improve and look for new ways to “get the job done”. Those that ultimately survive and thrive will be the ones that gather and act upon good information. We are in the information age and that has not changed.

Information is power.

So, what does that mean for us? If we can provide our customers, our employees, and our investors with good information, they will do well. And if our people do well, we can do well.
Communicate with your people. This week. Next week. Whenever a change occurs. And change will occur at an accelerated rate for quite some time.
To help with this effort, we have created a set of video packages starting at less than $100 per video.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Your People

Be sure your people, your clients, employees and your prospects know what to do. This week. Next week. Whenever a change occurs.



in your professional video

  • Professional lighting
  • Professional audio
  • Video captured in ultra high definition 4K
  • Teleprompter
  • Director
  • Video editor
  • Your business branding
  • Video upload

Your Packages

Supercharge your communications. Choose your package.

Add Ons:

  • We post to your YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn channels: $45
  • Script-writing: $50 per script
  • Video Optimization – help your videos “get found” by the search engines: $45
  • Music Track (royalty free): Ours: $50; Yours: $35
  • Up to 4 Title Screens with Logo $40
  • Makeup Artist $60

Let’s Get Started

Ready for this rapidly changing new world? Create your Rapid Response!

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