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Business Video Duplication and Transfer

Need it now?

We offer fast turnaround – usually within 24 hours.

Need it affordable?

We offer competitive pricing on single and bulk duplication. Pricing starts as low as $19.95 and we offer discounts on larger orders.

Need it to last?

The older tape formats degrade with each use as the tape is dragged across the magnetic heads. With DVD and Blu-ray, there is no damage to the disc from playback.

Need to send it Overseas?

We can convert VHS tapes from any foreign format (PAL, SECAM or MESECAM) to US format (NTSC). We can also convert US format to foreign format.

Need to convert it to distribute on CD, DVD, or Blu-ray?

We can convert video to high quality MPEG-4, DivX, QuickTime, DVD, Blu-ray and more!

Need it edited?

See ourĀ Direct Your Own Corporate Video page.

Need it Fixed?

We offer VHS tape repair. Call us today! 919-319-6888 Consultations and estimates are free.