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Know Like and Trust Videos

Know Like and Trust Videos are the fastest way to get your prospect from “I don’t know” to “Let’s Go!”

Know Like and Trust Videos, or KLT Videos for short, are designed to shorten the rapport building phase of any solid relationship, whether it is:

  • provider/patient
  • attorney/client
  • CPA/client

In the business world, as Bob Burg stated in his book, Endless Referrals, “All things being equal, people do business with and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.”

Know Like and Trust Videos in the Professional World

In the professional world, the importance of Know, Like and Trust is magnified. In all likelihood, the issue is of:

  • great personal importance
  • sensitive in nature
  • time critical

The client feels vulnerable. You want to solve the problem. First, however, you have to walk the client slowly through the phases of know, like and trust before you can help. That takes valuable time.

Creating a KLT Video can shorten the process. Watching the video, your client begins to work through the Know, Like and Trust process before even meeting with you. A well crafted video shares enough personal information for the client to connect on an emotional level, which is where decision making begins. Your professional background, accomplishments, and areas of expertise reinforce the client’s decision that you are the right person to help.

Rather than beginning with an uncertain, tentative, defensive first meeting, you can quickly move into a productive relationship.

To find out how KLT Videos can help you, contact us at (919) 319-6888. All estimates are free.

KLT Video Samples

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