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The Case for Training Video

What if there were a way to train your employees so that you:

  • present your information exactly the way you want it – every time;
  • achieve consistency in your training programs;
  • leverage your scarce training dollars?

The way to do that is with a training video. In an ideal world, all our employees would be trained one-on-one by highly skilled, experienced experts in their field. The problem, of course, is that this approach is exorbitantly expensive. The other extreme of no training, the “sink or swim” mentality, is certainly not the way to find, create or keep employees. So how do you know what the right balance is? At what point does it make financial sense to create a training video, send the trainer into the field, or bring the trainees to a central site? That is why I created a spreadsheet to help you decide between onsite training and a training video. You can vary such inputs as days of training, travel costs, accomodations, attendees and more. Is it exhaustive? No. It’s a starting point. We hope you will find the spreadsheet useful – download it if you like. Even better, please improve upon it and let us know!

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