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Hip Hip “BOO-RAY”! It’s a Blu-Ray BOGO!

blu-ray bogo freeIt’s that spooky time of the year again! Have you had YOUR High Definition video or 8mm film transferred to a “Boo-ray” disc yet? If you’ve got high-definition (HD) video footage from a camcorder’s hard drive, memory stick media, or mini-DV, preserve and share your memories with others by having Carolina Custom Video transfer it to a Blu-ray disc. Even old school 8mm reel to reel film shows much more detail when captured in HD and transferred to a Blu-ray disc! Read on to see why!

A single frame of SD video at 720×480 resolution contains 345,600 pixels. People have been watching video on DVD with that resolution for years and, yes, it looks good, especially when using upconverting DVD players. However… in comparison, a single frame of HD video at 1920×1080 resolution contains 2,073,600 pixels — that’s SIX times the number of pixels in each and every frame!

October Blu-Ray Disc Special Offer

And just in time for Halloween, Carolina Custom Video is having a special during the month of October on “boo-ray” discs: have your HD video or 8mm film transferred over to a Blu-ray disc, and get a Blu-ray disc copy absolutely free!

blu-ray carolina custom video


That’s right, it’s a Blu-Ray BOGO!

So don’t be scared, we promise it’s a treat, not a trick! Bring your video or film in TODAY, get it transferred in high definition to a Blu-ray disc, and you’ll get a Blu-ray disc copy absolutely free!


BUT DON’T DELAY! This offer will be gone before you know it, much like that bowl of Halloween candy that never actually quite makes it to Halloween. Carolina Custom Video - Blu-ray

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