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8mm Film Capture Special at Carolina Custom Video


8mm film reel

You read that correctly, it’s not an April Fool’s Day prank, for the entire month of April, Carolina Custom Video is offering High Definition 8mm film capture at a special reduced rate. Our regular price to capture 8mm film in HD is normally 33 cents per foot; however if you bring in your 8mm reel to reel film this month, you will receive a reduced capture price of just 26 cents per foot. We can then put your HD film footage onto a high quality blu-ray disc for use in your home blu-ray player. Or optionally, we can convert it to an HD video file to save onto your external hard drive to play back on your PC.

So NO JOKE! Bring in your 8mm film to Carolina Custom Video during the entire month of April, and let us capture your 8mm film footage in high definition and preserve those favorite family memories for the special limited time reduced rate of 26 cents per foot.