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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization is the ongoing process of making sure the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, can understand your message. If a web page owner wants people to find his web page when they type in “orange juice”, but 90% of the content talks about when the orange should be picked for peak flavor, the search engines will not rank the page high for “orange juice”. It may be fascinating content (or not), but it will not be effective for the web page owner.

SEO involves making a website search engine “friendly”, using proper linking techniques to aid the search engines in determining your site’s relevance and optimizing off-site strategy for affecting natural placement.

Search engines use what are known as “spiders” that “crawl” the web collecting information about each website it visits. Making a website search engine friendly really means making it friendly for the spiders that crawl your site. Search engine optimization requires an in-depth understanding of how spiders work, allowing you to code your web page in such a way that spiders don’t get confused about what your web page is about.

Our marketing division, CCV Marketing, can manage your website to ensure it is ranking in the search engines for terms that are important to your business and your success.


Topic: Search Engine Optimization

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