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Yesterday, we had the opportunity to do a testimonial interview video of the president of the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce, Sharon Rosche. Sharon was invited by Matt Carter of PCMedevac
to share her experiences working with Matt and the PCMedevac team.

According to Sharon, the Chamber’s computer capabilities are vital to its day-to-day operations. If the Chamber’s network is down, it is not able to serve its members, the community or those interested in coming to Morrisville to live and work.

Time and again during the course of our interview, Sharon shared examples of how Matt and his team have solved problems or anticipated problems so that they were avoided.

One of the hallmarks of PCMedevac’s service has been their quick response time. Sharon said more than once she has arrived at the Chamber to find Matt already there and waiting to get in – before she even knew there was a problem!

Sharon also shared some interesting and innovative programs the Morrisville Chamber has developed to help serve its growing membership.

Once we have edited the footage, we will post several video testimonial samples for your perusal at CarolinaCustomVideo.