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OK Sony Sony you’ve heard of that company before where they’ve been the innovator — in the digital space for.
Over thirty years consistently setting the — for digital.
Cinema by creating future ready technologies.
That puts the — boundaries of the film and brought his injuries and yet.
They did it again — upcoming movie oblivion.
Coming out in April of 2013 that’s during Tom Cruise he will give consumers.
A firsthand experience — — film.
Shot completely in four K so what is for — let’s bring in now.
Alex Shapiro — thank you I didn’t see you — but it — the president of Sony’s professional solutions of America is so good to see you thanks very much and tell us what is.
Sport — before — is actually four times the picture resolution of two — And then there’s something that you may have heard it called ultra high definition which is four times a resolution of high definition.
But for — is a little higher than ultra right.
We we’d like because you keep raising the bar so — only be seeing these four — productions.
In movie theaters only there will be other mediums as well well we have actually.
About thirteen thousand screens that are already offering four K content.
In motion picture shot on 35 millimeter film.
Is already four K resolution vote.
We hadn’t been able to do that with a video camera before and so oblivion is actually shot with — RF 65 camera which is.
Four K camera that actually has an eight K images so well it’s actually kind of future proof that it can.
It can go beyond the the picture resolution that.
Currently generate so is that with a lot of the movie houses are using these days in Hollywood or they’re getting to that point.
All of the pretty much all of the ANC in regal theaters have converted to Sony four K projectors as — several — theater chains.
And I guess we have probably about 35% market share Sony does and when you go win their — go to the movies he’s and he spoke four — productions you don’t have to Wear special glasses either doing — — it’s it’s in the movie theater it’s really.
Probably not — noticeable I mean it’s obviously very you know you’re never gonna see any kind of Flickr or — — or — it’s not like them a motion picture.
Projected right and so you know picture quality great where it really shows up for — really shows up is on a big flat panel TV.
— you know when he gets an — Hillary get to get to that lets everybody some of the upcoming film better produced in — — we’re talking about after earth.
He already mentioned oblivion and that’s when it’s coming out without Tom Cruise — hurts too.
Evil dead at motel no good deed possession of Michael King — about last night so.

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