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Hottest gadgets this week – I bet you want this

Time for the gadget segment and the guys in New York — a great job to kind of set this up now so we took — to give you kind of a run down where you can see it right on your screen.
What we’re talking about what he confide in prices in the such.
We’re gonna start off with I stabilizing — this was sent to us by one of — going my friend is actually at CS Consumer Electronics Show.
Found some cool idea to people at home you can use there are expensive as a whole idea here — things you might actually use.
This is the — for anybody we were in Hollywood obviously some people and and the Hollywood industry know that dollars are very important for cameras for example.
What you do you put a string right here and you could pull across the floor shoot low for example for cameras.
This is for iPhone — go back and forth.
You can see.
That the the Dolly and keeps things steady.
And it gives you kind of moving perspective from a lower level is actually very cool it’s from I stabilizers 5995.
They also have a — pot we — open up this one does stuff will be sent back.
That can be used for Smartphones and cameras.
Basically allowed you to extend out each of those pictures — taken a picture of yourself and I can actually get out there and give yourself some perspective if you want to.
You can take it up hide over overlook something if you want to — give a perspective shooting down on something there’s of the model — also from I stabilizer is 3495.
We’ve also got what I thought was interesting as well.
This is the the mount the — stabilizer — what this does it allows you to put a galaxy phone iPhone are — devices.
On a tripod.
So if you have a tripod — actually allow you to mounted on though Q would it camera.
And this these things are all — all very affordable.
And I stabilizer dot com are right from that we have the Polaroid camera laughed and talked about this is the first — from Polaroid where the — actually removes.
Are the same time you — pops — on the back is — huge screen.
So it’s interchangeable lens camera.
But it works with android operating system so you’ll actually be able to.
Take a picture with his camera and use the android operating system to upload it to to print it out to do what you want to two to Alter the picture and anyway.
This is from Polaroid.
This camera here it can be found in stores were told the first part of this year so probably February — march for 14990.
— with an affordable camera.
As — try to get back into the race of cameras.

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