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videos to dvd

We recently transferred a customer’s family home videos to dvd.  It was a fairly extensive (38 tapes!) transfer job, essentially his entire family history that he’d recorded through the years, in a variety of videotape formats: VHS, 8mm, and mini-DV. Since Carolina Custom Video can transfer nearly any format of video to dvd, we were able to transfer all three types of tape to dvd for him.

VHS Video To DVD

Video to DVDWe started off with eleven VHS tapes, including one that they’d had done of their old 8mm reel to reel family films (which since the technology to do that has improved so much since the early days of film transfer, they are planning to bring in to have us re-transfer from the original reels). Transferring those videos to dvd covered most of their family history through the 1980’s.

8mm Video To DVD

The 1990’s and early 2000’s were the 8mm years. That’s what the family used to shoot a majority of their videos during that time, so we transferred TWENTY TWO family videos to dvd for them for that time period.

Mini-DV Digital Video To DVD

Mini-DV digital tapes finally brought the family from 2005 into the present. With those, we were able to transfer over their final five family videos to dvd to complete their transfer job.

Videos to DVD

When all was said and done, we’d transferred 38 videos to dvd for the family, resulting in the creation of 31 dvds.  Since videotape degrades over time, having transferred their entire video collection to dvd, they were now assured that they’d preserved their family memories in a long lasting dvd format.

Call us today at 919-319-6888 and let Carolina Custom Video transfer YOUR home videos to dvd, and preserve your family memories for years to come.